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"Things changed and my income isn't what I planned."

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Introducing a retirement solution for the changing needs of today’s retirees! With market fluctuations, increased healthcare needs or the loss of a spouse; maybe your income isn’t what you planned it would be in your retirement. Amboy can help.

If adding to your income is your goal and you’re 62 or older, you may be interested in Amboy’s Home Equity Retirement Income Loan. You use the equity in your home to receive monthly income payments. Plus, with this loan you can pay off your existing mortgage, leaving you with extra cash for your monthly needs.

Unlike other home equity loans, there are no monthly payments (unless you wish) until you decide to leave your home.  That’s just another flexible feature of this unique loan from Amboy Bank.

Below are a few examples of how much money you could add to your monthly income. If you want to learn more and receive a no obligation FREE custom income report, give us a call at 800.94.AMBOY. 

Home Value: 

Receive monthly cash for 10 years
Receive monthly cash for as long as you live in your home

Plus, no monthly payments, until you decide to leave your home.
(example as of June 2012)

To qualify you must first pay off your current mortgage(s). However, you can use the Home Equity Retirement Income Loan to pay off your mortgage. Plus, by paying off your existing mortgage you get rid of monthly payments, leaving you with extra cash.

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