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Maybe you don’t want to tap into your savings just yet. Maybe you want to be prepared for unexpected home repairs, new medical bills, or emergencies.  Or maybe you just want to do something that makes you happy.  Well, Amboy has a surprising solution to help!

Amboy’s Home Equity Retirement Option (HERO).  You use the equity in your home to set up a line of credit up to $50,000. You simply write a HERO check when you want, without the requirement of making monthly payments.  So if you need extra funds you don’t have to upset your current budget.

Low Cost. Amboy’s HERO is a low cost ($500 in fees) loan with no monthly payments (unless you wish) until you decide to leave your home.

Easy to qualify.  If you’re 62 or older, live in your home and have sufficient equity, qualifying is easy.  Plus there are no income or credit score requirements.

Use as you want. How you use your credit line is up to you. You can use the HERO loan as a way to preserve your savings or investments during a volatile market environment. You can also use it for special occasions or home improvements and repay at your own pace. 

Hurricane Sandy Relief. If your home is in need of repairs due to damage incurred during Hurricane Sandy and you can’t wait for insurance money to pay for the repairs, the HERO may be a great option for you. You can get the line of credit quickly and use it for your immediate needs. You can pay it back if you want when you want.

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