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The Amboy Foundation, Inc.

Amboy Bank is deeply committed to supporting local efforts that enhance the quality of life of the people who live and work in our communities. We have always considered community involvement to be an essential part of our business, and we believe that our partnership with the community is a key component of our success.

The Amboy Foundation, Inc. provides grants and contributions only to organizations recognized as tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


The Amboy Foundation is committed to serving the needs of its communities through strategic investments of the Foundation's resources. The Foundation will actively seek community development opportunities to support educational, civic, health, human services, social and cultural organizations that address these objectives. Additionally, the Foundation will focus on innovative programs that provide a measurable impact in the communities it serves.

Specifically, the Foundation has two goals:

  • Primarily, to promote community development activities as well as the social welfare of its community by supporting child and family organizations such as local shelters and health and welfare clinics. In furtherance of this purpose, the Foundation will support organizations that benefit the low to moderate income population and providers of educational programs designed to meet the housing needs of such populations including, but not limited to, Habitat for Humanity, the local housing coalitions and housing crisis programs.
  • Secondarily, to support higher educational institutions and not-for-profit hospitals and their foundations. In furtherance of this purpose, the Foundation will explore the funding needs of higher educational institutions focusing on business programs. The Foundation will support the activities of local hospitals and their foundations through donations and participation in their fund raising activities.

Grant Application Procedures

We request that you use the following process in preparing your grant applications. All grant applications are initially screened by Amboy staff, and then reviewed by the Foundation's Board of Trustees that meets quarterly to make funding decisions. Grant applications may be submitted at any time. The committee will review one proposal per organization during a 12-month period. Deadlines for the quarterly meetings are the 1st business day of March, June, September and December. Only complete proposals will be given full consideration. We do not accept proposals via FAX.

Grant Size

The minimum grant amount is $1,000. Multiple year commitments are considered, but are limited. Grants will generally not exceed $10,000.

Submit a cover letter not to exceed two pages, including the following information about the project:

  • Objectives and background;
  • Budget, including sources of funding;
  • Demonstration of need;
  • Specific plans and timetables;
  • Description of funding plans, both current and long term; and
  • Qualifications of the organization and of personnel involved.

Additional information is requested regarding the organization:

  • Current operating budget;
  • List of Board of Directors and key management personnel;
  • Total compensation of each of the top two paid personnel;
  • An IRS 501(c)(3) tax determination letter;
  • A copy of the most recent independent audit;
  • A copy of the most recent IRS Form 990;
  • The name, address, and telephone number of contact person; and
  • Description of Amboy's relationship with your organization, including contributions and employee volunteer involvement.

Please note: The Foundation does not provide grants to support the following:

  • Individuals;
  • Political causes, candidates, or organizations whose primary purpose is to influence legislation;
  • Religious organizations (unless the nature of the project meets the guideline requirements);
  • Private clubs or fraternal organizations;
  • Labor groups; or
  • Intermediary organizations or agents that pass funds through to other organizations.

Grant or contribution requests should be submitted in writing to:

The Amboy Foundation
c/o Amboy Bank
3590 U.S. Highway 9
Old Bridge, NJ 08857

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