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There are many reasons why you might consider using the equity in your home. Maybe you want to make home repairs or improvements, be prepared for unexpected medical bills or consolidate your debt. Or maybe you just want to do something that makes you happy. What's clear is everyone's situation is unique.

Amboy has different Home Equity Retirement Loans designed to meet your specific needs. With each loan you make payments how or when you want or wait until you leave your home. You never owe more than your home is worth. The application is simple and you receive ongoing local service to support any questions or changes you may have. Explore the personal experiences below, and then contact us to learn more about which Amboy option may be right for you.

What's your situation?


Planning ahead to ensure financial security
During these changing times, it helps to be prepared. Even if you've planned and saved carefully you still may be concerned that your finances could become more difficult to manage in the future.

Nancy Needs a Line of Credit spacer1 James spacer1 May spacer Rose
Nancy Needs a Line of Credit
"I'm 74 and want to be sure my savings will last."
James wants to sell house
"I want to wait to sell my house until values increase but still have access to cash."
May wants confidence
"I want to be confident that I'm prepared for unexpected expenses."
Rose wants to increase monthly income
"I want to increase my monthly income and stay in my house."

I am dealing with an Immediate Problem
Due to a health problem, loss of income or a cash shortfall you may need to tap your home's equity for cash now.

Robert spacer Gwen spacer Lucy spacer Matt
Reduce mortgage payments
"If I could get rid of my monthly mortgage payment, I would
have enough for expenses."
Gwen consolidated debt
"Consolidating my credit card and other debt with no
or flexible payments helps me manage
my finances."
Lucy wants to cover home health care
"If I could pay for
in-home health care
then I could stay in my home."
Matt needs money to pay taxes
"Having extra money to pay my taxes would be enough to get me by."

I want to improve the quality of my life
A Home Equity Retirement Loan lets you use a portion of your home's equity without having to make monthly payments with extra funds to use as you wish to make for a better future.

Marge spacer1 Michael spacer1 Juan spacer1 Amanda
Marge wants to travel
"We are looking to travel, maybe buy a new car."
Michael wants to help pay education expense
"I want to help pay for my grandkids education so my kids can put a down payment on a new house."
Juan needs home repairs
"We want to make home repairs and improvements
without using our savings."
"Since my husband died, I have less income and I'm looking for ways to cover my expenses."

Amboy's Home Equity Retirement Options
We have developed a unique set of home equity retirement loans to fit your needs. With each loan you • don't have to make payments, unless you wish, until you leave your home • proceeds are tax free • simple application • no income or credit score requirements • you always maintain the title • you never owe more than the home is worth. Let us help you to consider your options carefully, so you can make good use of this important resource or preserve it for the future. Each of the boxes links to more product detail.

Home Equity Retirement Loan
Add to your income by receiving equal monthly payments as long as you live in your home or payments for a fixed period. Plus, you can add a small line of credit for emergencies.

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Get a credit line up to $50,000 with no closing cost. Write a check when you want. Have cash available while preserving your savings or other assets. You are in control of your money.

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Retirement Line of Credit
You have access to a higher amount of cash based on your home's equity. Use it whenever you want for any reason without taping into your savings.

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Reverse Mortgage Fixed Rate Option
Like a regular mortgage you get all the funds at once to payoff a mortgage, other debt or make a purchase. Lock in a fixed rate and you don't have to make payments until you leave your home. Frees up more cash.

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