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Introducing the latest addition to Amboy's Home Equity Retirement Loans.

Maybe you don't want to tap into your savings just yet. Maybe you want to be prepared for unexpected home repairs, new medical bills or emergencies. Or, maybe you just want to do something that makes you happy.

Amboy's Senior Choice Home Equity is a line of credit that lets you write checks for the things you want. Plus, if you are worried about rising rates you can choose to fix the rate on a portion of your loan with just a phone call. All without having a required monthly payment.

As a community bank we take the time to listen to our clients and discuss their needs. The result is a proprietary mortgage with no closing costs, lower rates and no required monthly payments. Better yet, we keep our loans. So not only do you work with a local person to apply, but if you have future questions about your loan we will be there to help.

Call now to learn how a Senior Choice Home Equity or one of our other Retirement Home Loans can work for you.


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