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Introducing the Home Equity Retirement Option or as we like to call it, HERO. The HERO is the latest addition to Amboy's Home Equity Solutions. With this line of credit you get up to $50,000 with NO CLOSING COST and NO MONTHLY PAYMENTS.





We have developed a unique set of home equity retirement loans to fit your needs. With each loan you • don't have to make payments, unless you wish, until you leave your home • proceeds may be tax free • simple application • Generally, no income or credit score requirements • you always maintain the title • you never owe more than the home is worth. Let us help you to consider your options carefully, so you can make good use of this important resource or preserve it for the future. Each of the boxes links to more product detail.

Add to your income by receiving equal monthly payments as long as you live in your home or payments for a fixed period. Plus, you can add a small line of credit for emergencies.

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You have access to a higher amount of cash based on your home's equity. Use it whenever you want for any reason without tapping into your savings.

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Like a regular mortgage you get all the funds at once to payoff a mortgage, other debt or make a purchase. Lock in a fixed rate and you don't have to make payments until you leave your home. Frees up more cash.

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