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Let Us Help You Earn More with Our CD Ladder

Today’s rate environment means it’s harder to earn more on your CDs and reach your goals.  By “laddering” CDs of differing terms you can earn a 2-year rate while still having cash regularly available without penalty.  Watch this video to learn more:

Climbing the CD Ladder is easy:

1: Determine what you would like your total deposit to be
2: Visit any Amboy Bank branch and your money will be evenly divided among 4 CDs with 6, 12, 18 and 24 month terms
3: As the renewal date of the 6 Month CD draws nearer, consider renewing it into a new 24 month CD at a special CD Ladder Bonus Rate. Keep your earnings (and your ladder) growing! 

CD Ladder APYs


Non-New Money Rates Also Available!


Visit a Branch or call 877-22-AMBOY (877-222-6269) for more information!



* The minimum required to open this account is $20,000 New Money split evenly between the 4 CD terms. Maximum total deposit is $250,000. Lower APYs may be available for money already on deposit. The interest rate for your account will be paid at the maturity date for the 6 and 12 month terms. The interest rate for your account will be paid annually and at maturity for the 18 and 24 month terms. If any deposit is withdrawn before the maturity date, an early withdrawal penalty will be imposed which could result in partial loss of principal. For Time Deposits with maturities of one year or less, the early withdrawal penalty will be 3 months loss of interest. For Time Deposits with maturities over one year, the early withdrawal penalty is 6 months loss of interest. At maturity, you have a 10 day grace period in which to make changes or cancel each matured Time Deposit. If nothing is done, each Time Deposit will automatically renew for a 24 month period at the interest rate that is applicable at the time. An additional benefit of 0.10% will be added to the renewal interest rate if all 4 CDs remain open. Rates and offer may be modified at any time. Other conditions may apply.

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