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Preventing Fraud

Don't let identity theft happen to you.
  • Know the precautions you can take
  • Access your accounts securely online
  • Ensure that your computer is protected

Fraud Prevention Tips

Maintain current anti-spyware and anti virus software on your home computer.

Install all security updates offered by your software providers.

Reduce the amount of mail you receive containing personal information.

Make sure requests for sensitive personal, financial, or account information are legitimate, particularly if they are made in an urgent or threatening tone.

Do not share IDs or passcodes with anyone, and use a different passcode for each of your online accounts.

How Amboy Bank Protects You

Keeping your financial and personal information secure and confidential is one of our most important responsibilities. That's why we operate under a detailed, rigorous information security policy.
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How You Can Protect Yourself

Taking just a few easy precautions can help protect your financial and personal information against identity theft.
Education and awareness are great first steps.
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Types of Online Fraud

The most common types of email fraud are phishing and spoofing, which happen when a criminal sends phony email messages to steal personal and financial information.

Spyware is another common form of fraud.
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Using Cards Safely

Taking just a few safety tips to heart can help you use your Debit card more safely. Awareness, prevention and rapid-response are the keys.
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