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Lost or Stolen Debit Cards
Report Fraud

Get Government Advice
The interagency Financial Fraud
Enforcement Task Force
provides valuable fraud advice:

For Questions or To Report Fraud
Call: (800) 94-AMBOY
Visit one of our 22 branch offices.

Report Fraud, Identity Theft, and Suspicious Activity

Take action if you think your security may have been compromised.

Report Fraudulent Emails & Websites

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Contact us if you encountered a fraudulent email, website, or pop-up window, or if you responded to one of these with personal information.

Report Identity Fraud & Identity Theft

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If you notice suspicious account activity or think you are the victim of identity theft, contact Amboy Bank immediately. Then, review some suggested steps you can take to help further address the issue.

Report Suspicious Activity

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Contact us if you notice questionable account activity, you did not receive your statements, or if your credit card, check card, or personal checks are lost or stolen.

Report Fraudulent Emails and Websites

Amboy Bank will never request you to send personal information via email. If you encounter a suspicious email or website that says it's from Amboy Bank, do not respond to it.

How to Report Fraudulent Emails and Websites
Contact Purpose
Forward suspicious emails and websites to Only suspicious emails and websites should be sent to this address. Thank you for helping us detect and stop phishing and fraud.

For servicing requests and all other inquiries, call Online Customer Service at: 1-800-94-AMBOY or send us an email.
Fraud Prevention Hotline:
Call the hotline if you provided personal information through an email or suspicious website.

Report Identity Fraud & Identity Theft

Identity fraud is usually limited to an isolated attempt to steal money from an existing account - such as a charge on a stolen check card.

Identity theft occurs when someone steals your personal information and uses it to open new accounts or initiate transactions in your name. Identity theft is easily confused with identity fraud. To help determine your situation, learn more about identity theft and identity fraud.

If the fraudulent activity is limited to your Amboy Bank account(s): Contact us immediately at 1-800-94-AMBOY.

If you believe you are a victim of identity theft:
Contact Amboy Bank Call us at 1-800-94-AMBOY to report any fraudulent activity on your Amboy Bank accounts.
Contact the major credit bureaus You can request that the three main credit bureaus place a short or long-term "fraud alert" on your credit file. This alert requires creditors to verify your identity before opening any new accounts in your name or changing any existing accounts. You will only need to contact one bureau, which will notify the others.

Credit bureaus must provide victims of identity theft a free copy of their credit report. You should request one from each bureau, as the information can differ. Review your credit reports carefully for fraudulent activity. If fraud has occurred, notify the credit bureau and the companies where accounts were opened to report the fraud directly.

Once a dispute has been resolved, the credit bureaus you contacted will send you another copy of your credit report. Review the report to make sure that all fraudulent activity has stopped and your file has been corrected.

For more information about the steps to take and for credit reports, contact:

Contact other creditors Contact your other creditors, including credit card and phone companies, banks, and other lenders, to notify them of potential fraud. Consider following up your telephone conversations with a letter.

Close any accounts that have been breached and reopen them with new account numbers and passwords. Do not use your Social Security number as a username or password.
File a report with the local police Contact your local police department if you suspect that your personal information was stolen. A police report may lend credibility to your case when dealing with creditors, who may require proof of criminal activity.
Report the criminal activity to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Call the FTC hotline at 1-877-ID THEFT (1-877-438-4338) to speak with a trained identity theft counselor. Or submit a complaint to FTC's secure online database at Your information may be shared with other law enforcement agencies investigating identity theft.
Contact other agencies as appropriate
  • Postal Inspection Service: If you believe your mail was stolen or redirected, notify your local post office.
  • Social Security Fraud Hotline: 1-800-269-0271. If you suspect someone is using your Social Security number for fraudulent purposes, call the hotline.
  • Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV): If you believe someone is trying to get a driver's license or identification card using your name and information, contact your local DMV.
Carefully review all your accounts Since identity theft takes time to resolve, you should continue to review all charges and transactions appearing on account statements and online. Immediately report any discrepancies.
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Report Suspicious Activity

The security of your accounts and personal information is one of Amboy Bank's top priorities. We promptly investigate any reported suspicious activity.

If you experience suspicious activity:
Call Amboy Bank immediately if you notice suspicious activity related to your Amboy Bank accounts.
  • Lost or stolen checks and debit/ATM cards: 1-800-94-AMBOY
  • Suspicious online transactions: 1-800-94-AMBOY
Monitor your accounts regularly. Regularly reviewing your account activity is one of the best ways to notice and stop fraudulent activity quickly.

Review your monthly statements or review activity online, 24 hours a day, with AmboyNET or Amboy eCorp at

For information, please call Amboy Direct at 1-800-94-AMBOY, visit your local branch, or e-mail us at

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