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6 Summer Travel Security Tips

Summer’s finally here, and that means vacation time.  Unfortunately, thieves and burglars are keenly aware of this.

With that in mind, we present some tips to minimize the risk to your family and home:

1. Before you hit the road, prepare your home.  Trim any shrubbery that a burglar could use as cover while breaking in.  Make sure all exterior lightbulbs work.  Arrange with a friend or neighbor to keep the lawn mowed and bring mail and deliveries inside.  If possible, have someone turn on different lights at various times to make the home appear occupied.

2. Be extremely cautious when selecting a vacation rental on Craigslist and similar sites.  They are hotbeds of fraud, with thieves cutting and pasting pictures of properties they do not own.

3. Think carefully about which electronic devices to bring.  Do you really need the phone, the laptop, and the tablet?  Back up the data on all devices to minimize the damage in the event they go missing.

4. Consider bringing just one credit card—again, this reduces the impact of having your wallet or purse stolen.

5. Speaking of credit cards: They typically offer more consumer protection than debit cards.  Most experts say to charge everything during your trip to a single credit card; that way, if fraud or any other problem occurs, it is relatively simple to straighten out the issue.

6. Whether at the ocean, lake, mountain, or resort hotel, vacation communities have a relaxed atmosphere that prompts travelers to drop their guard. Don’t! The bad guys know all about these unlocked doors and wallets tucked in shoes along the beach, and that’s how they get you.  Always take appropriate security measures.

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