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Spring Cleaning: 5 Tips to Make Your Home More Secure


You’ve got the mop and bucket out, you’ve changed the oil in the lawnmower … this is the perfect time of year to cast a critical eye on your home’s security, or lack thereof.  Here are some tips from experts:

Bullet Trim the greenery.  Have shrubs or trees thickened around windows or doors?  These are favorite concealment spots for burglars.  Prune it all back—keep the beauty, but eliminate the hiding places!

Bullet Light it up.  Somehow, back-porch bulbs manage to not get replaced when they burn out.  And many of us have backyard lighting that ceased to work at some point (those darned buried cables), and we never got around to fixing it.  This goes beyond aesthetics; it’s a major security problem, as darkness is a thief’s best friend.

Bullet Store it.  You’d be amazed at how many households have an extension ladder lying flat along the back wall of the house.  Sure, these ladders are a pain to stow, but they are also handy-dandy tools for burglars seeking second-floor access.  And in general, yard tools and equipment are much prized by thieves.  Stow things away properly or risk having them walk away.

Bullet Sign on.  Maybe you have a security system, and maybe you don’t.  In either case, now’s the time to neatly affix one of those “Protected By …” stickers on or near your front door.  Burglars look for low-hanging fruit, and if they even suspect you have an alarm system, chances are they’ll seek another victim.

Bullet Change the code.  If you’re like most people, your garage-door keypad code hasn’t been changed … ever.  These codes get passed to friends and neighbors as years pass.  Why not change it to get a fresh start?

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