Family Banking for Seniors

Sometimes having some support with your finances can be helpful. It might be just a little help, such as having someone that can be contacted in case of an emergency. Perhaps you can rest easier knowing that your adult child can view your accounts when needed. Or maybe you appreciate a family member helping you more directly manage some of your finances with you.    

Amboy’s Services for Seniors provides the functionality and control to support a variety of relationships that work for your situation.

Review the options below, then complete the form and we'll help you get set up! 

I'd like a little support . . .

Trusted Contact

Identify a person you trust to be notified in case of potential fraud, emergency, or other issues involving my account.

View My Accounts Online

Allow a trusted person access to view one or more of your accounts within Digital Banking. This person will be able to see your balances and transactions, but will not be able to make any changes or initiate any transactions.

Set Up Alerts on My Account (available soon!)

Select a trusted person to only receive alerts on your account balances, debits, transactions, and more. 

I'd like active support . . .

Approve Transactions (available soon!)

Let a trusted person set up transactions on your accounts, but give me the ability to approve or deny them.  

Manage My Account (available soon!)

Add a trusted person to my account as a signer. This person will have full authority to manage your finances, but will not be an official owner.

I'd like to learn more about . . .

Save & Pay for Taxes

If you own a home without a mortgage, this free service automates the process of saving and paying your taxes so you no longer have to manage.

Better Afford Aging in Place

If you’re going to stay in your home, learn how our Retirement Home Equity Loans can allow you to help you be successful by increasing your income, paying off debts, improving your home, and more.