Family Banking for Young Adults

They might not like to admit it, but many young adult children can still use their parents help every once in a while! Maybe they are new to managing their finances, maybe they just need some more experience, or maybe they just value the convenience of your support. We created our Family Bank program so that you have the tools to help guide your children along the path to financial independence. 

Amboy’s Services for Young Adults provides the functionality and control to support a variety of relationships that work for both you and your children. If both you and your children have accounts at Amboy Bank, review the options below, complete the form, and we'll help you get started! 

I'd like to give a little support . . .

Become a Trusted Contact

You will be notified in case of potential fraud, emergency, or other issues involving their account.

View My Child's Accounts Online

View their accounts within Digital Banking. You will be able to see their balances and transactions, but will not be able to make any changes or initiate any transactions.

Set Up Alerts on My Child's Account

Receive alerts on my account balances, debits, transactions, and more. 

I'd like to actively support . . .

Initiate Transactions 

You can initiate transactions on their accounts, but give them the ability to approve or deny them.

Manage My Child's Account 

Become a signer on your child's account. You will have full authority to manage their finances, but will not be an official owner.

I'd like my child to learn more about . . .

Successful Savings

We can help your child learn to save with our specialized products.

Buying a Home

If your child is in the market to buy a home or soon will be, we can help demystify the process.