Our History

When our bank was established in 1888, life was much different than it is now. But just like our clients today, people needed a safe place to invest their money. They also needed a fair, reputable institution that was willing to give them a loan so they could purchase a home and take care of life’s other important needs. We proudly continue this tradition today.

We have grown from our humble beginnings, but we have never lost sight of the core values that we were built upon. Below are just some of the highlights of our 130+ years.

First National Bank of South Amboy $5 bill

March 17, 1888:

The bank was organized by eight prominent businessmen in South Amboy, NJ. Among the notables were our first president Harry C. Perrine, a mining, pottery, and lumber magnate; Benjamin F. Howell, Civil War veteran and a future U.S. Congressman; and Daniel C. Chase, a future New Jersey State Senator and South Amboy Mayor.

101 South Broadway

May 12, 1888:

Officially chartered on this date as First National Bank of South Amboy, we consider this to be our official birthday. Initial capitalization was $50,000, and the first headquarters was located in a rented office in the Howell Building, at what is now 101 South Broadway in South Amboy. Even though its top floor was damaged by a fire in the late 1800s and also by the nearby Morgan explosion in 1918, this building stands today.

100 North Broadway

March 21, 1921:

New headquarters opens at 100 North Broadway in South Amboy, diagonally across the street from its original location. The land was purchased for $18,000 and ground was broken in 1919. The grand building was designed by Holmes & Winslow, noted New York bank architects, and construction cost was the then-large sum of approximately $110,000. Today, despite experiencing damage in the 1950 Powder Pier explosion, this building still serves as one of our branches.

FDIC logo

January 1, 1934:

As soon as it became available, the bank became insured by the FDIC’s deposit insurance program. After a number of bank failures across the nation, this program gave depositors government-assurance that their money would be safe.

Amboy Bank CEOs


The bank was recapitalized by Ernest J. Scharpf, a bank examiner from New York City, becoming the Executive Officer. He served as the President & Chairman of the Board until 1981, when his son George E. Scharpf became President & CEO. In 2019, G. Gregory Scharpf, George’s son, became the third generation of the Scharpf family to serve as President & CEO.

Sayrewoods opening ad

January 21, 1957:

Our first branch is opened in the new Sayre Woods Shopping Center (now named Gateway Shopping Center) on Route 9 in Madison Township (which would later rename itself Old Bridge). This was also the first bank located in Madison Township/Old Bridge. Amboy still occupies a branch in this shopping center.

Opening of new headquarters

October 20, 1960:

Headquarters officially moved to the Sayre Woods Shopping Center in Madison Township/Old Bridge. To better reflect our new location, our name was changed to First National Bank of South Amboy-Madison Township.

Amboy-Madison National Bank ad

April 8, 1963:

Name shortened to Amboy-Madison National Bank.

1/2 Pay Mortgage ad

March 17, 1985:

Amboy became the first bank in New Jersey to offer a bi-weekly mortgage, named the ½ Pay Mortgage.® It remains one of our flagship products today.

Amboy National Bank logo

December 14, 1991:

Name again shortened to Amboy National Bank.

Amboy Bank Headquarters

September 14, 1992:

Headquarters is officially moved to our present location at 3590 US Highway 9 in Old Bridge.

Amboy Direct logo


The Amboy Direct division opens for business. Initially designed to allow people to open accounts through the mail, it becomes one of the first banks in the area to offer online account opening and remote-only access in 2003.

Amboy as Best Bank


Amboy begins twenty-plus year run of being voted Best Bank in Middlesex County by Home News Tribune readers. The streak continues to this day.

Amboy Foundation donation


Amboy Foundation, Inc. is established to fund worthy causes in our area.

Amboy In-Retirement Loans


Amboy Bank rolls out its popular In-Retirement Lending program, which includes its custom-designed suite of reverse mortgages.

Amboy Bank logo

February 19, 2008:

Charter is changed from federal to state, and name is updated to Amboy Bank.

Amboy 125th Anniversary logo


Amboy Bank’s 125th anniversary was celebrated by its employees and valued clients. We are proud to be the oldest continually-operating bank headquartered in Middlesex County.