Choice Home Equity Line

Use the equity in your home to remodel the kitchen,
consolidate debt, or pay for college.
6.50% intro APR guaranteed for 12 months.

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Amboy Bank does not initiate emails, texts, or phone calls seeking your personal data, account or card numbers. Never provide sensitive personal information to anyone who calls, texts, or emails you unexpectedly.

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A Home Loan for Every Need

Amboy Bank has a full array of flexible mortgage, home equity, and construction loans to fit your needs. Our experienced reps are experts at finding the solution that works best for you.

How Much House Can I Afford?
Find out how much you should spend on your home
Do I Have Equity in My Home?
Your equity determines your Home Equity borrowing limit
How does a 1/2 Pay Mortgage Save Me Money?
Making biweekly payments can benefit you in many ways

The Only Home Equity Loan You'll Ever Need

Amboy Bank’s Choice Home Equity Line is an “all-purpose” loan for today’s smart homeowner.

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* Terms & Conditions Home Equity: Introductory (“Intro”) Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 6.50% in effect for the first 12 months on balances up to $100,000, with an initial minimum draw of $10,000. During the Intro period, the portion over $100,000, and on all balances after the Intro period, the APR will be Prime plus .50% and may change daily. Prime is highest rate published daily by WSJ. Prime as of 7/27/2023 is 8.50%. Lifetime rate floor is 4.00% APR, lifetime cap is 12.99% APR. Min. Line is $15,000, max. $100,000. Annual Fee of $35 waived for the first year. Early termination fee applies if loan is closed in first two years. Available on owner-occupied 1-4 family NJ residences only. Property insurance is required. Offer may be withdrawn at any time. Subject to credit approval. Additional terms may apply.

Prepare for Life's Journeys

Let Amboy Bank help you save for your financial journeys. We offer expertise and solutions that can guide you along the way!

What Will Your Savings be Worth?
Figure out where you're headed
How Much Should You Save for Retirement?
Calculate if your savings are on the right track
How Can You Prepare for a Health Expense?
Steps you can take right now

Guarantee Your Earnings

Our CDs come in a variety of terms to fit your needs.

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Make Your Golden Years Shine Bright

Your years spent in retirement should be without worry. Amboy Bank has been helping Seniors with home loans and specialized services for decades.

Can You Afford In-Home Healthcare?
Learn how you can remain in your home while getting the care you need
How Do You Pay for Home Improvements?
Make your home more accessible or just update it
What Can You Do to Prevent Fraud?
Read about the latest scams and how you can protect yourself

Get the Money You Need, Without Leaving Your Home

Amboy Bank created a better reverse mortgage. Our flexible options allow you to use your home's equity while you remain in your home.

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Our Amboy Foundation has given millions of dollars to worthy non-profits.

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