Save & Pay

Don’t Pay Penalties for Missing a Property Tax Payment

When your mortgage is paid off, you are responsible for making sure your property taxes are being paid. Reduce the stress of budgeting, saving and paying your property taxes by having Amboy do it for you with our free Save & Pay Tax Service. If you are helping to pay taxes for others, such as your parents, ask how this service can be set up in their name.

Stop By Stop by with a copy of your tax bill. We will develop a simple plan for how much you need to save each month to pay your quarterly property taxes.

Sign You sign a simple form to have your town send your tax bills to Amboy.

Open You open a special Tax Payment Account with a two month cushion to allow for future increases.

Automate On the 1st of the month, we automatically transfer the budgeted amount from your linked checking, savings, or money market account.

Paid Amboy sends your tax payment before the payment date each quarter.

Your monthly statement shows deposits and tax payments. When Amboy receives a new tax bill from your town, we will let you know if an adjustment needs to be made to your monthly budget transfer.

You are always in control. While Amboy is pleased to offer this FREE convenient service, the money in the account is always yours and funding the account is your responsibility. You continue to contact your town directly with any questions about your taxes.