Family Banking

Amboy Bank has a suite of family banking products to help with the financial needs of the whole family- from teaching your kids to save to helping your parents' manage their finances.

Family Banking Tools to Help Your Children

Teach your kids how to manage their money

Amboy has partnered with FamZoo, a user-friendly family finance app that helps insanely busy parents (that’d be you!) teach their kids good money habits with minimal hassle through hands-on practice.

Help your kids purchase their first home...without sacrificing your savings

It's expensive to purchase a home in New Jersey, and while parents want to help, you have to protect your own savings as well. The Family Helping Hand Mortgage allows you to pledge an Amboy deposit towards your child's down payment. Once they reach 22% equity in their home, you get your deposit back plus interest.

Family Banking Tools to Help Your Parents

Teach your parents about programs that are available to help them

Take advantage of the many programs available to help the seniors in our communities.
  • Amboy offers free educational senior seminars and fairs throughout the year.
  • New Jersey offers the Senior Property Tax Freeze, which reimburses eligible seniors for property tax increases. Our Amboy representatives are highly knowledgeable and are happy to help answer questions and fill out forms.
  • The National Council on Aging offers a Benefits Checkup, where you can see which state and federal senior programs your parents may qualify for. 

Help your parents stay in the home they love

Help your parents age independently by using the equity in their home to pay for the things they may need, like in-home healthcare or home renovations. The money could also be used to consolidate debt or to have available as a line of credit in case of emergency. Amboy offers a suite of prorietary reverse mortgages, like our Senior Choice Home Equity Loan.

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