Prime Line of Credit

Have Cash Ready, When You Need It

Using your home's equity, you have access to a substantial amount of cash without having to use your savings or other assets. Plus, there are no payments until you leave your home. 

If you own a home and are 62 years of age or older,* use a Prime Line of Credit to plan for the future. Have funds available when you need them. 

You're in Control
Set up a line of credit and use as you need it. Have cash available while preserving your savings.
No Mortgage Payments Required
You make payments if and when you want, or wait until you leave your home.
Lower Costs
Save money on upfront costs compared to other programs. Any upfront costs can be financed as part of the loan.
Couple on couch considering In-Retirement Loans

Not Sure Which In-Retirement Loan is Right for You?

Amboy Bank offers a variety of In-Retirement Home Equity Loans, and we know it can be difficult to sort out all the details. Learn more below, or contact us and let our experts guide you!