Home Financing

Buy a Home

The decision to buy a home is an important one. Where will the home be located? Should you purchase a house or a condo? How much can you afford? Or are you just better off renting? Amboy Bank can help you answer these questions and more.

Refi My Home

There are a number of reasons to refinance your home—maybe rates have decreased since your last mortgage, maybe you have equity and you want to get cash out, or maybe you can now afford a larger payment. No matter the reason, Amboy Bank can help with our expert advice and array of mortgages.

Improve My Home

Utilize the equity in your home to make it work better for you and your family. Add a room, make it more accessible for those with physical challenges, or enhance the décor. Our home equity loans are flexible and come with expert advice from our experienced team.

Build a Home

Building your own home may be the culmination of your life’s dream, but it brings with it a host of questions that need to be answered. At the core of many of those questions will be money, and Amboy is here to help.