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Talk About Cybersecurity with Your Kids

Discussing online security with your children, including teenagers, can be surprisingly intimidating.  After all, they know more about the Internet than you in many ways.

Or do they?  Sure, kids today are digital natives who know the remote control inside and out and can easily find and download apps … but when it comes to important safety information, they’re often naïve.

Here are some tips experts say you should express to your children to help keep them safe:

  • Things posted online never go away.  The concept of “forever” is a tough one for young people to grasp, which is why they need this reminder.  Make sure they know that a cool picture of a stunt, party, or worse may haunt them for the rest of their lives—in college applications, job interviews, and beyond.
  • Anybody can say anything on the Internet.  There’s a famous cartoon of one canine saying to another: “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.”  You might show this to your kids to make a point.  Online, anybody can claim to be any age, gender, profession, and so on.  Children must be taught to be appropriately skeptical.
  • Never meet a stranger on your own.  This follows from the point above; kids, including teens who think they can take care of themselves, should never meet an online friend in person for the first time without accompaniment.
  • Cyberbullying is bullying.  There’s a human inclination, unfortunately, to be meaner and more cutting online than in person.  Children are no exception; they can gang up on victims in truly savage fashion, sometimes actually driving kids to suicide.  Make sure your children understand this—and that if they’re victimized, they should come straight to you.

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